What is a Doula?


The Doula model of care brings back the ancient tradition of woman-to-woman support 
during the birthing time.  
Doulas have skills to encourage fetal rotation & descent,
labor progression, and keep Dad engaged & Mom's spirits up. 



                                    A Doula focuses on:


Helping Dad to support Mom     
Preparing Mom to labor confidently                      
Creating the laboring space - peace, confidence, oxytocin-rich environment

Offering continuous suggestions & ideas during all stages of labor
Encouraging communication between parents and their birth team
Supporting Mom's birth wishes & helping her achieve them  



What happens when Doulas attend births?

From a recent Cochrane Review:  "Continuous support in labour increased the chance of a spontaneous vaginal birth, had no harm, and women were more satisfied." 


Having a Doula decreases the overall:

cesarean rate by 50%
length of labor by 25%
use of Pitocin to speed up labor by 40%
requests for an epidural by 60%
requests for other pain medications by 30%
fewer complications and use of tools such as forceps